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Van Hire Players Comparison Table

Brand # U.K. Locations Minimum Age Driving License (years) One Way Hire International Hire Optional Extras Unlimited Mileage Payable Online Hourly Rates
Enterprise 370 25 1 Yes No No Yes Yes No
Europcar 174 22 3 Yes Yes Yes No (300 per day) Yes Yes
Hertz 85 25 1 Yes No No Yes Yes No
Budget 21 23 1 Yes No Yes Yes** Yes No
Sixt 128 21 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Thrifty 95 21 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Zipvan 3 21 (*19) 2 No No Yes No (60 per day) Yes Yes
National 170 25 1 Yes No No Yes Yes No

*If joining an affiliated business or university membership

** Depending on location

Why low cost doesn’t mean low service

Low cost van hire is a unique, niche market that became very popular in mainland Europe over the past decade. The “no-frills” approach means a simplified service, to save you money on unnecessary extras. However, with almost no low cost van hire companies to speak of, the same has not really happened in the U.K.

Or has it?

The advent of the low cost van rental market meant that the traditional companies had to follow suit. They (mostly) do not specifically offer “low cost” mainly to avoid the label, which they worry, may devalue their product and brand. But they do offer where it matters most – lower prices.

What’s more, you get to keep many of the bells and whistles that can come in handy – things like flexible cancellation policies, extended pick-up times and the service you would expect from any major brand.

There is only one in the U.K. Thrifty is the only van rental company to advertise its low cost nature (the name says it all). Does this mean that other van rental companies are not low cost?


In fact, because of the extremely competitive nature of the U.K. marketplace, every company is striving for your business. Their prices are constantly reviewed in every location to bring the savings to you, the customer.

This is exactly what we want to do – we offer real-time van rental comparison to show you which companies are offering you the best possible van rental deal!

Low cost online

The internet has also revolutionised the world of van hire, as it has the rest of our lives. With our increased mobility has come the need for more low cost van rental options. More young people are studying further from home than ever before, and from there, leading more specialised careers, usually in or around big cities.

According to a recent Independent study, 25% of people in the U.K. will move home ten or more times through the course of their life. On average, most people will move home at least three times.

Of course, moving home is not the only reason to rent a van. Small businesses and self-starter careers also need quick, reliable and cost-effective means of transporting goods. And of course having a hotline to van rental means you can afford to take a chance at an auction or even a car boot sale, and buy that piece of furniture that’s caught your eye, and not worry about how you’re going to get it back to the house.

Van rental websites have become very easy to navigate and with most rental companies offering same-day pickup, all that’s left is to find you the best possible price.

And our van hire comparison tool is built to do exactly that! Compare all the rental prices in your area right now and drive away with more in your wallet!

Top City is a price comparison website. We display the price and availability information from our van hire partners. Responsibility for the correctness of all pricing and availability information is that of our van hire partners. We do not offer vehicles for rent directly