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Truck Rental at What about insurance

Every van hire company provides basic insurance as part of the package when you get a quote for van hire.

There are 3 types of insurance included:


  • Third party insurance – Coverage for any damage to other vehicles and injuries to other parties during your rental.
  • Collision Damage Waiver – This limits your liability for the van you are renting to a fixed amount (also known as ‘excess’) usually between £500 to £1000. This means that if the van is damaged, you will have to pay this amount. This insurance does not cover for damage to sensitive areas of the van, such as the tyres, roof and windscreen.
  • Theft Protection – This insurance provides the same coverage and excess liable in the event the van is stolen, or is damaged while being stolen, during your rental period.

Each provider has its own name for these insurances, and the excess amount may change. Have a look at your quote to see what coverage and insurance excess is applied.

Optional Insurance

Each van rental company also offers additional coverage which can limit the excess amount you are liable for, or waive it completely. You will pay an extra amount per day for this and details of the amount and exact coverage will be available from your rental provider.


  • Excess Waiver (also known as Super Cover or Damage Liability Reduction) – This usually waives all excess responsibility from the driver in the event of damage or theft of the van.
  • Personal Insurance – This protects you from any costs associated with the damage or loss of personal property from the van during the rental period. It also allows the policy holder to claim against loss of earnings due to injury, death or medical expenses.
  • Glass and Tyre Cover – This insurance removes any costs associated with damage to sensitive areas of the van (such as tyres, glass or roof) that are not covered under the other policies. This insurance is only applicable when the damage is not already part of a larger repair.

Certain accidents are not covered by these insurances. These are usually due to driver error and you may be billed separately for these:

  • Putting petrol into the diesel engine
  • Damaging the roof when passing through a low bridge


Can I take out my own insurance?

You can always seek out insurance from a 3rd party provider to cover your van rental. Many companies provide excess insurance (protection against any excess amount due) and often include cover against small damages to tyres, roof or glass, or personal property damage and loss.

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