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Truck Rental at Why Hire a van

Hiring a van can get you out of a number of sticky situations. It’s also likely to be a lot cheaper than you think. With today’s van hire industry in the U.K. being extremely competitive, companies aren’t shy of offering great deals on daily or even hourly hire. This means that you, the customer, are in complete control and can drive away with a great deal.
Modern vans are just as easy to drive as a car and are robust enough for almost any delivery challenge. Here are a few of the most common reasons you should consider hiring a van. If you want to see how the companies stack up in your area, compare their prices now with our van hire comparison tool.

Prevent damage to your car

Considering the state of Britain’s roads, carrying large, bulky items can host any number of problems for your car. With all the bumps, pot-holes and speed-humps that litter the country’s roads, it is not uncommon for damage to wheels, axels, suspension or the undercarriage to happen when driving with heavy goods in the back of a small car.
While modern cars are sturdy they are not designed to carry the heavy loads of a van and, depending on your car, there may not have adequate room.
Even if the load is not heavy, if you have to stuff the back seats with sharp, rough or dirty items, rips, tears and stains to the interior fabric may be inevitable. Bulky items can also shatter window glass if they move in transit or are wedged against doors.
Loading items or equipment onto the roof of your car might work, but considering the cost of the equipment (if you don’t have a roof rack), the possibility of scraping the paintwork becomes very real. There is also the danger of having the load coming undone while driving, which could cause an accident at the worst, or damage your items at the least.
All of these considerations are solved by hiring a van, allowing you to deliver the goods with complete peace of mind that your pride and joy is safe.


Moving House or Transporting Goods

The most economical way of moving home is by packing and moving yourself. It’s inevitable that you will move house at some stage, and you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by doing this with cost-effective van rental. Any household can fit into a practically sized Transit van and their larger cousins like the high-roof or long wheel-base, while box-body or Luton vans can be loaded with even more.
If you are looking to haul particularly large or long objects, or a large number of goods at one time (or both!) then a van is your ideal solution.

Impulse Buys or a Big Days Shopping

If you spot something at a market, car boot sale or auction that just won’t fit in your car, why not hire a van? With most van rental providers offering same-day services, you can make an on-the-spot decision and not lose out. Let’s face it, delivery of an item is not always available, and even if it is sometimes the delay of delivery can take days or weeks, not considering the awkward delivery times or the expense of home delivery. Take the initiative and hire a van to get your new treasure home without hesitation, and for a fraction of the cost!
Even if your shopping day is planned and you know you’ll be buying a lot, furniture shopping, especially at places like IKEA or a garden centre can quickly mount into extravagance, and you find yourself with more than you bargained for. Hire a van for the day and you’ll quickly find that your new home or renovation can start immediately, without the headache of a return journey or reliance on home delivery.

Urgent or Unexpected Transportation

Small businesses may suffer from this more than your average consumer, but sometimes you have to move something from A to B with little notice. Maybe your car is getting repaired or you simply don’t have one, or it isn’t suitable for the job at hand. Hiring a van with one of our partners takes the weight off your mind and off your hands, particularly with a partner who rents at hourly rates.

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