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Truck Rental at What happens if there is a problem

While most van hires go off without a hitch, it’s inevitable that someone, somewhere, will experience a problem. There could be due an accident, breakdown, lapse in judgement or something else unforeseen.
Whatever happens, don’t panic. We have prepared a list of the most common issues that can come up during your van rental, and their solution.

  • Breakdown


    • All of our van rental partners provide a complete breakdown and recovery service. Before you set off take the details down (they will usually be provided in any case). Call the breakdown service and they will come to help.
    • If the problem can’t be fixed at the roadside, you will probably be provided with a replacement van. Alternatively, you and your vans load will be taken to your final destination and back again.


  • Accident

    • The same rules apply to van rentals as to driving your car.

      • If the accident is minor, gather the contact and insurance details of anyone else involved in an accident. You should also take pictures if possible as these will help in the event of an insurance claim. If necessary you should also call the police.
      • If the accident is serious and / or another car is blocking the road, call the police immediately (dial 999 or 101).


    • What should I do if I get a puncture?

      • The procedure for changing a van wheel is usually the same as changing a car wheel. You should have a spare wheel and tools to change provided with the van. If it does not, or you are not comfortable doing it, you can call the breakdown service provided by the rental company.
      • If the van has twin rear wheels, or is a large (7.5 tonne) truck, you should not try to change them. This needs to be done by professionals.

    • Fill-up with petrol instead of diesel


      • Stop as soon as you have realised the mistake and call the breakdown service provided. They can pump out the fuel and supply you with enough diesel to get to the next garage if required. This call-out may be charged for as a separate cost.

    • Speeding

      • If you are caught speeding in a hired van, the hire company will provide your details to the police and you will receive the standard penalty.

    • Pulled over

      • The same rules will apply to van renters as car drivers – seatbelts must be present and in use, lights and tyres must be in correct working order and the vehicle should be safely loaded within its limits.
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